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Listed below are some commonly asked questions. For more info or additional questions please email proshop@californiaallstars.com.


Q: What if I get the wrong item?

A: Oops! It is unlikely but if we send you the incorrect item, simply email proshop@californiaallstars.com with your order number.

If you need to make an exchange due to ordering the wrong size, please email us with your order number and desired size, we will get back to you as soon as possible! Shipping rates for your exchange will apply. 


Q: Can you just ship my items to my Cali gym?

A: Unfortunately we cannot ship items to any of our locations, but you should be able to purchase your desired item at the gym. If the item you are looking to purchase is not available, please let your ProShop associate know and they can request more of that size/style (Restrictions apply)


Q: Do you offer a sizing chart?

A: Unfortunately, because we offer so many different brands and styles in our apparel, we are not able to offer a standardized sizing chart. If you have any questions about sizes, please feel free to contact us to better assist you with your online purchase.


Q: Will my order ship overnight?

A: In most cases no. We wish we were staffed like Amazon. We have interns and Cali athletes that help us with the proshop once per week. Thanks for your patience!